Nigel Carr - My Beating Heart
Nigel Carr

Well it came to me in a dream!

It was four years ago during the last world cup and England were about to play Croatia having got through to the semi-finals after beating Belgium 1-0. I had watched the Belgium game and was full of optimism!

I went to sleep that night and dreamt of a song, well I had the chorus, and it just kept whizzing around my head all night. I woke up with is still in my head, ran downstairs and grabbed my trusty guitar and worked out the chorus. I then sat writing the verses which included every member of the current squad.

England were knocked out 26 hours later and that was the end of my song. I put it on YouTube but I’m far too embarrassed to show you that rough take now. Maybe in a few months!

Roll forward four years and I was having a beer with Mike Bennett who asked to hear it. Mike’s a bit of a legend in Manchester, having produced the Fall, Toyah, Fuzzbox, Neville Staple, Fast White Family and many others. He’s also a bit of a polymath, acting in his own production Vegan Vampires from Zorg, writing scripts for Rik Mayall and Frankie Howard and writing 34 books.

We started to talk about how we could do this and who would be the singer. The track started to take shape!

More to follow!


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